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Multicultural Awareness & Diversity: Powerful Strategies to Advance Client Rapport & Cultural Competence

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  1. Implement the DSM-5® criteria and cultural formulation interview to accurately assess for cultural influences as it relates to diagnosis.
  2. Recognize biases to improve clinical strategies, rapport, and engagement with a variety of clients.
  3. Develop a deep understanding of the impact of varying cultural group experiences to enhance empathy in session.
  4. Establish ethical standards for a culturally competent practice related therapeutic authority and self-disclosure.
  5. Utilize clinical strategies to address unintentional cultural offences towards clients to increase treatment effectiveness.
  6. Apply skills to overcome cultural barriers such as language, religion and different belief systems to improve session outcomes.


Cultural Competencies in Mental Health

Ethics & the DSM-5®: Guidelines for the Integration of Cultural Competencies Overcome Dilemmas in Practice Interventions & Strategies for Specific Populations Overcome Limitations of the Research & Potential Risks

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