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Sex, Desire & Attachment with Emily Nagoski, Ph.D.: New Science & Strategies to Transform Couples’ Sex Lives

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  1. Evaluate the dual control model of sexual response.
  2. Determine the differences between spontaneous and responsive desire among couples. 
  3. Analyze arousal non-concordance as it relates to sexual satisfaction.
  4. Assess the relationship between mindfulness practices and enhanced physical sensation. 
  5. Investigate sexual myths to resolve the internal struggles of “am I normal?”
  6. Determine ways to address and resolve difficult feelings to strengthen couples’ relationships and rekindle desire.


Desire & the Brain

The Model of Sexual Response Address Arousal Discrepancies Attachment & Trauma Strategies to Enhance Sexual Desire Enhance Couples’ Sexual Well-Being Sexual Desire in Long-Term Relationships

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Integrative Sex & Couples Therapy: Innovative Clinical Interventions to Treat Relationship & Desire Issues in the New Era of Sexuality in Psychotherapy

Program Information


  1. Perform a clinical assessment to determine the cause of pleasure denial to inform the clinician’s choice of treatment interventions.
  2. Analyze the effects of separation, betrayal, trust and identity issues on eroticism in clients’ sexual partnerships as it relates to clinical practice.
  3. Utilize clinical interventions, such as pleasure mapping and desire awareness, to treat desire issues such as pleasure resistance, pleasure avoidance and pleasure rejection.
  4. Explore the phases of treatment for erotic recovery and develop a treatment plan for women, both individually and in couple’s treatment, for sexless marriage and desire issues.
  5. Create an attachment versus individualization plan as a treatment intervention to aid clients in developing relational skills and strengthening sexual intimacy and wellness.
  6. Explain the clinical implications of the stages of integration and the four areas of sexuality that have meaning for women around the narrative of eroticism.


Sexuality: The New Model of What’s Normal

Address Sexual & Relational Needs

Desire Discrepancies: Interventions for the Most Common Issue Couples Face

Pleasure Disorders & Their Treatment

Integration: A Treatment Model

The Relationship Trauma Triangle

Interventions for Each Phase of Treatment

The Crisis Phase of Treatment

Strategies for the Insight Phase

The Vision Phase of Treatment

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