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Therapy in a Post-Pandemic World: How to Help Your Anxious Clients & Safely Re-Open Your Office

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  1. Analyze ways to address clients’ anxiety and worry around COVID-19 based on the latest evidence.
  2. Analyze the specific ways in which mental health professionals can help clients understand and make their own decisions around the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Determine strategies for safely re-opening offices for clients.
  4. 3 key things that mental health professionals should understand about COVID-19 and its biopsychosocial impacts.
  5. Conduct assessment of stress levels in children coping with online learning and pandemic realities.
  6. Analyze what we are learning about critical stress points in parents and children during the pandemic.
  7. Utilize at least 6 practical stress management coping skills for parents, caretakers and kids.
  8. Determine needs for higher levels of care, medical referrals, and school resources.


What Therapists Should Know for Clients worried about COVID-19

Bringing Clients Back to Your Office Safely Helping Clients Navigate Decision Making Understanding the Specific Stressors Parents, Kids, and Families are Facing Six Techniques to Help Improve Home & Family Life for Clients Addressing the BIG Long-Term Impacts of the Pandemic among Parents, Families, and their Kids Where We Are Headed – What Life & Therapy Looks Like Post-Pandemic

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