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The Mystery of Eroticism

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  1. Integrate clinical techniques that can help reinforce healthy relationships in clients.


Discover how to:

  • Create evocative conversations that help partners reconnect with their sexual selves and enhance their shared sense of erotic adventure
  • Shift the emphasis from sex as a thing to do to a place that serves as a source of creativity, renewal and personal growth
  • Integrate simple techniques about giving and receiving pleasure that can rekindle erotic excitement in long-term relationships
  • Identify and address erotic blocks-internal and relational-that are the results of conflicts between relational needs for predictability and safety vs. needs for freedom and individual fulfillment

Copyright : 30/10/2015

The Dance of Sex

Explain why creating a sense of safety is a key component of Emotionally Focused Therapy


You’ll discover how to:

• Turn down the emotional threat in a relationship so partners can reach for each other emotionally and physically

• Help clients transform painful moments of disconnection to starting points for restoring intimacy, emotional and sexual, in their relationship

• Coach partners in creating bonding moments that increase empathy, and open them to being fully available to each other

• Strengthen secure attachment between partners so they feel free to take more risks in exploring their sexuality with each other

Copyright : 16/11/2015

RX for the Sex-Starved Marriage


  1. Identify one way for a low-desire partner to have empathy for their high-desire partner


  • Learn how to recognize signs of the desire gap and explore the issue directly and early in therapy
  • Provide a method for helping the high desire spouse share feelings of hurt and rejection while guiding the low-desire spouse to empathically listen to the deeper needs of their partner
  • Introduce couples to the 5 Love Languages to help them step outside their personal comfort zones for giving and receiving affection and validation
  • Bypass longstanding problems with low desire by adopting  the action-oriented Nike philosophy—just do it
Copyright : 29/10/2015

The Case for Porn


  1. Explain how to guide couples through their “sex script”


  • The difference between porn “addiction” and the habits of high libido porn users
  • How to address the shame and secrecy that is the most common problem with couples and porn
  • How to guide couples through a “sex script” that can help them explore new sexual territory with each other
  • How porn can play a useful role in helping couples in long-term relationships expand and heighten their shared erotic life
Copyright : 14/11/2015

Transforming Sexual Narratives


  1. Explain the importance of taking a client’s sexual narrative as one of the first steps in therapy


  • The importance of educating couples about willingness—not desire—as the necessary first step in a satisfying sexual relationship
  • How to use sexual history taking to help clients understand their current sexual issues in the wider context of their ongoing sexual narrative
  • The process for helping a couple create a shared erotic menu that can bring more variety, acceptance, and playfulness to their sexual exploration
  • How the technique of mindful sensate focus can free partners to explore new pathways to more embodied pleasure with each other


Copyright : 05/11/2015

Fast Sex, Slow Love: New Pathways to Commitment


  1. Describe three ways that a couple can promote attachment, as measurable through brain science


  • What research is showing about the impact of alternatives to traditional rituals of dating and mating-- including online dating, sexting, and hooking up--on what people are looking for in relationship today
  • How to see the latest forms of sexual experimentation as pathways to committed relationships shaped by caution, time and energy constraints, and fear of divorce
  • How the latest findings in brain science can illuminate the interplay among   the three components of love—sex drive, romance, and deep attachment
  • Exploration of the many cultural factors shaping new patterns of sexual behavior including the divorce revolution, changing attitudes towards work and career, and the new financial pressures many young people face today


Copyright : 14/11/2015