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Module 1: ‚ÄčOppositional, Defiant & Disruptive Children & Adolescents: Non-Medication Approaches to the Most Challenging Behaviors



Behaviors that Make Us Crazy



Treatment Strategies Part I

Treatment Strategies Part II

Treatment Strategies Part III

Treatment Strategies Part IV

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Module 2: ODD, ASD, ADHD & Mood Disorders: Over 50 Behavior-Changing Techniques for Children & Adolescents


  1. Utilize effective clinical techniques for working with kids with behavioral issues, high functioning ASD, ADHD and mood disturbance.
  2. Determine how to promote “whole brain” change to improve clinical outcomes in children with verbal processing and auditory learning issues.
  3. Develop tools for daily mindfulness and self-regulation practice to improve child/adolescent level of functioning.
  4. Analyze the diagnostic symptoms of behavioral/emotional disorders in children and adolescents and establish how this informs your choice of intervention strategies.
  5. Dissect how to reduce power struggles & anger through CBT and validation techniques.
  6. Explore clinical manifestations among anxiety disorders, ADHD, mood disorders and ODD as it relates to diagnosis.



DSM-5® Updates & Making Effective Treatment and Academic Goals for:

The Brain-Behavior Connection

Proven Treatment Techniques for ODD

Proven Treatment Techniques for ASD

Proven Treatment Techniques for ADHD

Proven Treatment Techniques for Anxiety/Depression/Trauma

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