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Play & Language: The Roots of Literacy


Foundations of Cognitive-Play-Literacy Relationship: Frameworks for Assessment/Intervention

Social-Emotional/Cognitive Precursors to Play: Birth-17 months

Development of Pretend Play Dimensions (17 months – 5 years): Relationship of Play Dimensions to Language & Literacy

Interventions to Promote Playing to Learn


  1. Explain the development and interrelationships of cognition, play, language, social-emotional skills and literacy.
  2. Describe methods used to evaluate a child’s play/language skills.
  3. Employ play to promote the cognitive, language and social-emotional skills that underlie children’s effective social interactions and literacy comprehension.
  4. Describe current theories of language/ literacy learning.
  5. Explain the role of play in self-regulation.
  6. Implement a playful practice approach to emergent literacy.
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Narrative Intervention for Building Social-Emotional Skills and Self-Regulation in Children and Adolescents: Going Beyond Language and Literacy

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  1. Describe the development of autobiographical/personal stories, fictional stories and life story narratives.
  2. Explain the role of autobiographical/personal stories, fictional stories and life stories in academic and social success.
  3. Illustrate the ways culture influences structure and content of autobiographical and fictional narratives.
  4. Select and use appropriate tools to assess fictional and autobiographical/life story personal narratives, considering cultural influences.
  5. Use children’s and adolescent’s literature to promote development of personal narratives and life stories.
  6. Develop students’ ability to make inferences by relating emotions and mental states to events.
  7. Facilitate students’ recognition and production of characterization, plot and theme in fictional stories, autobiographical narratives and life stories.


Narrative Intervention: Going Beyond Language and Literacy

Narrative Intervention to Promote

Narrative Assessment


Strategies to Develop Autobiographical Memory and Personal Narratives

Strategies to Develop Life Stories

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