Kathryn P

"I absolutely LOVED this presenter. Interesting, clear, and fun to learn with. Thank you!"

Nicole T

"Great Course! Thank you!"

Jennifer W

"Really enjoyed this presenter! Wonderful, concrete examples to help my understanding of complicated situations!"

Ilana C

"THe presenter was a great communicator. Especially enjoyed her examples as they evidenced not only her knowledge but her confident clinical applications in her own practice. Found her presentation excellent. RIveting program"

Teresa B

"Great use of examples. I loved the situations she created throughout the presentation that allowed participants to experience what she was discussing. It changed perspective so you could easily relate to what the child you are working with might be feeling."

Anjela G

"The handout we received is awesome! I struggled since we attended as a webinar, but more because I prefer in person. It was a great course, and again, this handout is awesome. Thank you for your time!"

Megan B

"Excellent speaker, would like to see more presentations from her."