Richard W

"entertaining and informative cute and kind couple "

Regan S

"Feeling much more prepared for couples therapy moving forward!! Very informative, thank you!"

Gordon L

"I appreciated both John and Julies' presentations; I learned some things I was doing wrong with my couples and am committed to using more research based data. Thank you."

Karen C

"Really enjoyed this course - would absolutely try to hear them present in person if had the opportunity!"

Gerald H S

"Excellent seminar"

Elisabeth B

"Attended training with Gottmans 20 years ago with our students. So fun to hear the current training. Wish I had done more over the years. So grateful for the vase of research presented. Appreciate yours as well as the credit you give to those whose work you integrate. Appreciate that integrated approach. Grateful you aren’t promoting yourselves as gurus as some do. Well done. Useful. "

Kathleen J

"Clarity and organized; addressed many of the questions that come up during therapy sessions with couples."

Erin B

"It was wonderful! I learned so incredibly much and was able to start applying it effectively right away! "

Karin M

"Gratitude to John and Julie Gottman and their passion for couples !"

Ariadne P

"I work with couples in my practice and was able to put many of these interventions to immediate and effective use. "