Ahmy B

"This course information will be extremely helpful to my work with couples. Thank you!"

Elizabeth V

"I enjoyed the course and am excited about using it in my practice."

kina c

"Loved the seminar!"

Judith S

"Awesome training!"

Gerald H S

"Masterfully done. Exactly what I expected of them."

Doris H

"An excellent course of study. Very impressed by the expertise of both Dr. Gottmans! I plan on utilizing the information and therapy techniques."

Carol R C

"Excellent presentation. Actual therapy video was very helpful"

Natalie N

"Excellent information."

Cynthia D

" This course was excellent! Superb teaching, a lovely mix of research and practice, and training films to demonstrate the techniques. The best part was the dialogue between the presentors, Dr penner's questions and the Gottman's answers brought the material to life. Thank you for this format."

Amy U

"This was an amazing training! I want more!"