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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training: Master the Core Skills and Competencies of CBT

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Charles Jacob, PhD
6 Hours 16 Minutes
Audio and Video
Sep 26, 2022
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You probably have a few “go to” CBT interventions that work really well.

After all, it’s one of the most effective, evidence-based treatments for chronic, recurring, and challenging mental health issues.

But lately, you’ve noticed that CBT is feeling repetitive for clients… and yourself. Sessions just aren’t going anywhere, far too often stalling before meaningful progress is made.

Now, you can reinvigorate your use of CBT with new and easy ways to turn the corner on some of your toughest clinical impasses.

Led by Dr. Charles Jacob, an expert who’s helped thousands of clinicians get the most out of CBT, you’ll not only be getting the perfect refresher course so you can bolster your grasp on CBT essentials…

…you’ll also discover how you can make this proven clinical tool feel innovative and exciting to use in your treatment plans for trauma, anxiety, depression anger and more.

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This online program is worth 6.5 hours CPD.



Charles Jacob, PhD's Profile

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Charles Jacob, PhD, received his PhD from The Pennsylvania State University and completed a year of additional training at the Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania. He has over 15 years of clinical experience conducting and overseeing the delivery of mental health services to individuals with severe mood and personality disorders as well as their families.

Dr. Jacob is an expert in cognitive therapy, as well as a highly regarded clinician and scholar. He has regularly delivered lectures on cognitive behavioral therapies throughout the country and has been an invited speaker at universities throughout the world. Dr. Jacob is an Evergreen Certifications approved CBT-C consultant. He is a past president of the ACA’s Pennsylvania branch, a recipient of PCA’s David W. Hall Advocacy Award, and has been a featured interview in Counseling Today as well as NPR’s The Pulse.


Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Dr. Charles Jacob maintains a private practice and receives royalties as a published author. He receives a grant from the United States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Dr. Jacob receives a speaking honorarium and recording royalties from PESI, Inc. He is a paid consultant for Evergreen Certifications. He has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Dr. Charles Jacob has no relevant non-financial relationships.


  1. Apply evidence-based CBT techniques to multiple symptom sets to improve treatment outcomes. 
  2. Choose methods for conducting CBT psychoeducation to elicit “buy in” from difficult clients. 
  3. Utilize CBT techniques to identify and challenge clients’ dysfunctional self-talk, thoughts and behaviours to improve client level of functioning. 
  4. Develop CBT informed case conceptualizations for a range of DSM-5® diagnoses.
  5. Implement rapport-building tools to improve the therapeutic alliance and client engagement. 
  6. Evaluate behavioural activation strategies useful for improving treatment resistant depression, anxiety, or other presenting concerns. 


CBT Essentials  
  • Evolution of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies  
  • Latest CBT Outcome Research 
  • Basics of Schemas  
Key Components of CBT Practice  
  • Structuring Session for Progress 
  • Feedback-informed Treatment  
  • Guided Discovery for Effective Solutions 
  • Collaborative Empiricism  
  • Homework  
Treatment Concepts  
  • Introduce and Motivate Clients with CBT  
  • Building Strong Rapport with Directive Models  
  • Levels of Cognition  
  • Eliciting & Labeling Distortions  
  • Identify & Evaluate Automatic Thoughts  
  • Thoughts and Beliefs Differentiation  
  • Technology and Mood Monitoring  
Application to Clinical Practice  
  • CBT Case Conceptualization 
  • Case Studies   
    • Depression 
    • Anxiety 
    • Anger 
    • Trauma  
    • OCD 
Offshoot Models  
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy 
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy  
  • Narrative Therapy 

Target Audience

  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Counsellors
  • Social Workers
  • Psychotherapists
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Case Managers
  • Addiction Counsellors
  • Other Mental Health Professionals


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