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Enhancing Your Therapeutic Presence

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Dafna Lender, LCSW
3 Hours 52 Minutes
Audio and Video
Mar 23, 2019
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Digital Recordings - Also available: DVD


While we all know that success in therapy depends on the therapist–client relationship, building that positive rapport hinges on behaviours many therapists aren’t even aware of.

Imagine bolstering your therapeutic presence by consciously amplifying behaviours that make clients feel safe, connected, and cared for.

In this playful, experiential recording, you’ll master the often nonverbal qualities of the powerful, collaborative brain state which is delineated in Polyvagal Theory as the “social engagement system,” which underlies relational experiences.



This online program is worth 3.75 hours CPD.



Dafna Lender, LCSW's Profile

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Dafna Lender, LCSW, is an international trainer and supervisor for practitioners who work with children and families. She is a certified trainer and supervisor/consultant in both Theraplay and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP). Dafna's expertise is drawn from 25 years of working with families with attachment in many settings: at-risk after school programs, therapeutic foster care, in-home crisis stabilization, residential care and private practice. Dafna's style, whether as a therapist or teacher, is combining the light-hearted with the profound by bringing a playful, intense and passionate presence to every encounter. Dafna is the co-author of Theraplay: The Practitioner's Guide (2020). She teaches and supervises clinicians in 15 countries in 3 languages: English, Hebrew and French.


Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Dafna Lender is the founder of Dafna Lender Psychotherapy Training and Consulting. She receives royalties as a published author. Dafna Lender receives a speaking honorarium and recording royalties from Psychotherapy Networker and PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Dafna Lender has no relevant non-financial relationships with ineligible organizations.


  1. Implement voice, rhythm, facial expressions and touch to elicit openness and a sense of calm in clients.
  2. Apply three methods for sending safety messages to the brains of deeply mistrusting clients and improving their therapeutic engagement.
  3. Utilize techniques to surprise the brain of a guarded client with novel responses that will interrupt their automatic defensiveness and generate curiosity.
  4. Articulate exercises and activities to help angry clients feel more relaxed, open and ready to connect in a clinical setting.
  5. Determine what the social engagement system is, its basis in polyvagal theory, and its treatment implications.


Therapeutic presence-What is it?

  • Underlying biology
  • The social engagement system
  • How interacting with others can help

Developing and communicating safety and connection

  • Voice Prosidy
  • Resonance
  • Facial expressions
  • Eye contact
  • Touch

Play as a neural exercise in create safety and connection

  • Interventions to help client decrease defensiveness/increase sense of connection 
  • Interventions for reducing anger and producing feelings of calm

Target Audience

  • Psychologists
  • Physicians
  • Addiction Counselors
  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Other Behavioral Health Professionals



Overall:      4.3

Total Reviews: 6

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