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Managing Suicidality with High-Crisis DBT Clients

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Eboni Webb, PsyD, HSP
57 Minutes
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Sep 09, 2021
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This recording will provide practical techniques and skills to address suicidal urges and actions grounded in DBT principles. Come and learn how to manage emotional arousal with innately sensitive clients that frequently leverage their lives for relational attachment while often exhausting support networks, including their therapists. Deepen your DBT skills toolkit with vital interventions and scripts to deescalate life-threatening behaviours which is the primary target of individual DBT treatment.



This online program is worth 1 hours CPD.



Eboni Webb, PsyD, HSP's Profile

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The Village of Kairos

Eboni Webb, PsyD, HSP, opened the private practice Kairos in Middle Tennessee in July 2010. Kairos, now The Village of Kairos, offers diverse DBT specializations including DBT or trauma-based disorders and co-occurring disorders. The Village of Kairos has expanded therapy programs, better known as Restorative Services, to include individual and group therapy sessions for adolescents, parents, families, and adults, including in-the-moment coaching for patients.

Dr. Webb earned her Doctor of Clinical Psychology from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Webb began her clinical work as assistant clinical director and program director at Mental Health Systems in Minnesota, a large clinic specializing in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). She has extensively practiced DBT, developing two special treatment programs for clients with developmental disabilities and borderline-intellectual functioning.

Dr. Webb has completed Level II training and is currently in the process of completing her board certification in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy as an Advanced Certified Practitioner, which has become a prominent feature of therapy offerings in the Village.


Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Dr. Eboni Webb maintains a private practice, and she has public speaking relationships with Acacia Therapy and Health Training and Jack Hirose and Associates, Inc. She receives a speaking honorarium and recording royalties from PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Dr. Eboni Webb is an Executive Board Member for Mental Health America-Middle Tennessee.


  1. Evaluate the biosocial model of DBT in the context of emotional dysregulation that increases suicidality urges and behaviours.  
  2. Analyze the DBT conceptualization of emotional dysregulation and its role in suicidal urges and behaviour. 
  3. Evaluate how DBT coaching is utilized to shape effective communication strategies to reduce suicidal actions, gestures, communications, and hospitalizations. 


  • Learn DBT-based strategies to reduce frequency of suicidal behaviours and gestures. 
  • Learn how to provide comprehensive and quick orientation to clients of the biosocial model with key interventions to reduce a heightened stress response that increases vulnerability to life-threatening coping behaviours.
  • Develop a quick and effective coaching structure to reduce collusion with unskillful behaviours. 
  • Learn how to establish an effective safety plan for clients new to DBT.

Target Audience

  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Therapists
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Addiction Counselors
  • Case Managers
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Other Mental Health Professionals


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