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Multicultural Awareness & Diversity: Strategies to Improve Client Rapport & Cultural Competence

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Mar 22, 2017
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I remember the first time I provided treatment in Mexico and how scary it was to realize how much I didn’t know about their culture. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to interpret signs of my clients’ distress or understand their needs.

I realized that much of my knowledge base didn’t fit for every client, especially clients of different cultures, ethnicities, religions or sexual identities. Not feeling comfortable with clients who are different from us can prevent us from delivering the best treatment.

As I spent more time in Mexico, I discovered that the skills of cultural competency can be applied across all groups. I spent more time studying my own roots, uncovering my personal biases and researching other ethnicities and cultures. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to do clinical work with several different cultural groups around the U.S.

As a result, I feel that I can treat anyone, regardless of their background. Even if I don’t know a lot about their culture, I am comfortable asking my client to teach me what is important to them.

Join me for an adventure into the world of cultural competency. Improve assessment, avoid ethical dilemmas and overcome fears. Discover how to tailor treatment for specific groups and improve rapport with diverse clients. Most importantly, dig deeper into your own identity and discover how to use who you are, to help your clients.

Gain a reputation for being the premier therapist in your community for working with diverse clients!

You may just want to watch this recording to receive 3.25 hours of cultural competency AND 3 hours of ethics. But, I guarantee you will leave with so much more. This highly engaging and experiential seminar will challenge you to explore the intersection of your belief systems with your clinical work, and allows you to become more confident as culturally sensitive clinician.


Leslie Korn Ph.D., MPH, LMHC



This online program is worth 6.0 hours CPD.



Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC, ACS, RPP, NTP, NCBTMB's Profile

Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC, ACS, RPP, NTP, NCBTMB Related seminars and products

Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC, ACS, RPP, NTP, NCBTMB, is a renowned integrative medicine clinician and educator specializing in the use of nutritional, herbal and culinary medicine for the treatment of trauma and emotional and chronic physical illness. She is known for her dynamism and humor as a speaker. She has provided over 50,000 hours of treatment in private practice for diverse populations. Her clinical practice focuses on providing clients effective alternatives to psychotropics. She completed her graduate education in the departments of psychiatry and public health at Harvard Medical School and her life training in the jungle of Mexico where she lived and worked alongside local healers for over 25 years. She directed a naturopathic medicine and training clinic facilitating health, culinary and fitness retreats. She is licensed and certified in nutritional therapy, mental health counseling, and bodywork (Polarity and Cranial Sacral and medical massage therapies) and is an approved clinical supervisor. She introduced somatic therapies for complex trauma patients in out-patient psychiatry at Harvard Medical school in 1985 and served as a consultant in ethnomedicine to the Trauma Clinic, Boston. She is the former clinical director and faculty of New England School of Acupuncture and faculty at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine.

She is the author of the seminal book on the body and complex trauma: Rhythms of Recovery: Trauma, Nature and the Body (Routledge, 2012), Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health (W.W. Norton, 2016), Eat Right Feel Right: Over 80 Recipes and Tips to Improve Mood, Sleep, Attention & Focus (PESI, 2017), Multicultural Counseling Workbook: Exercises, Worksheets & Games to Build Rapport with Diverse Clients (PESI, 2015), and The Good Mood Kitchen (W.W. Norton, 2017). She was a founder of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, a Fulbright scholar in Herbal Medicine and an NIH-funded scientist, in mind/body medicine. She is an approved clinical supervisor and is the research director at the Center for World Indigenous Studies where she designs culinary and herbal medicine programs with tribal communities engaged in developing integrative medicine programs.


Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Dr. Leslie Korn maintains a private practice and has an employment relationship with the Center for Traditional Medicine and the Center for World Indigenous Studies. She is a published author and receives royalties. She receives a speaking honorarium and book and recording royalties from PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.

Non-financial: Dr. Leslie Korn is a member of Integrative Medicine for the Underserved and the Nutritional Therapy Association.


  1. Implement new DSM- 5® criteria and cultural formulation.
  2. Identify strategies and biases to improve rapport with diverse clients.
  3. Implement assessment and treatment strategies for cultural and historical trauma.
  4. Discuss guidelines for working with specific ethnic and religious clients.
  5. Apply skills to overcome cultural barriers such as language, religion and different belief systems.
  6. Utilize strategies and techniques for multicultural competencies in your practice.
  7. Apply culture-based mindfulness and breathing methods.


Cultural Competencies in Mental Health

  • Mindfulness-based approach to cultural competence
  • Trends in specific locale: variation and mental health needs
  • Acknowledge cultural differences: terms of reference, racism and stereotypes
  • Improve client rapport
    • Make cultural connections
    • Acquire knowledge & skills
    • View behavior within a cultural context
  • Exercise: Culture(s), biases and ethnic influences

Ethics & the DSM- 5®: New Guidelines for the Integration of Cultural Competencies

  • Cross-cultural variations in presentations
  • Cultural concepts of distress
  • Assessments and diagnostic protocols
  • DSM-5® cultural formulation
  • Cultural factors influencing clients’ perspectives of their symptoms and treatment options
  • Ethical standards for culturally competent practice
  • Exercise: Cultural Formulation Interview

Overcome Dilemmas in Practice

  • Working with limited English proficiency and bi/multilingual clients
  • When to use an interpreter
  • Intersection of religion, customs and culture
  • Religious experience, counseling and mental health
  • Cultural transference and counter transference
  • Exercise: Strategies for working with cultural transference

Interventions & Strategies for Specific Populations

  • Overview of Historical trauma/Migration
  • Trauma in cultural context
    • Assessments and tools
    • Medications; use and belief systems
  • Cultural examples of traditional practitioners & natural healers
  • Integrate and adapt mindfulness and DBT interventions
    • Explain mindfulness and breathing for Spanish speaking population
    • Religious populations
    • Mindfulness in prison video
  • Exercise: Values exercise: medications/traditional healing/spiritual healing

Target Audience

Addiction Counselors, Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, and other Mental Health Professionals.



Overall:      4.9

Total Reviews: 17


James S

"Much thought-stimulating information!"

Deborah G

"I love Leslie Korn. I know her outside of this webinar and respects her vast knowledge."

Cheryl I

"I enjoyed this seminar on multiculturalism very much - one of the best if not the best I have attended. Thank you. "


"Dr. Korn was the best presenter that I've experienced! "

Lana B

"Great seminar! Very pertinent information."

Tresa K

"I learned more from this course than any other "Cultural Diversity" class I've taken before -after the first basic class that examined what it is. I liked how the connection between how different cultures might present, approaches to tx based on what is discovered during the cultural interview, and"

Laurie K R

"Truly EXCELLENT webinar. Thank you. "

norma m

"Excellent presentation!!! "

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