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Using Ochberg's Counting Method as a Critical Element of Post-Traumatic Therapy

The signature symptom of PTSD is the trauma memory that bursts into consciousness, whether it is as intense as a full-blown flashback or as insidious as the odor of a rapist’s aftershave. I prefer to establish a sense of collegiality and comfort before tackling the trauma memory, but sooner or later, survivor and therapist must look at the ghosts of the past together. One of my long term Vietnam vet PTSD patients, Terry, agreed to have several of our sessions filmed as we approached the end of treatment. The film, produced by Victor Yalom, runs over two hours and is available for purchase. I’ll show a short and a long excerpt, illustrating a general approach to treatment and a detailed discussion of “Ochberg’s Counting Method.” The Counting Method helps reduce the intensity and the frequency of unwanted, intrusive traumatic memory.


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Frank Ochberg, M.D.
1 Hour 59 Minutes
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Feb 14, 2014
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Gift From Within

Frank Ochberg, M.D. is a founding board member of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and recipient of their highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award. He edited the first text on treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, and served on the committee that defined PTSD. He was associate director of the National Institute of Mental Health and director of the Michigan Mental Health Department. At Michigan State University, he is clinical professor of psychiatry, formerly adjunct professor of criminal justice, and adjunct professor of journalism. Ochberg developed, with colleagues, the Academy for Critical Incident Analysis at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Gift From Within (a charity for persons with PTSD), and the Committee for Community Awareness and Protection (responding to serial-killer threats). For the latter activity, he is the first physician to receive the Law Enforcement Medal of the Sons of the American Revolution. Ochberg founded the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, served as its first chairman and now helps journalists understand traumatic stress and traumatic stress experts understand journalists. As a Red Cross volunteer, Ochberg assisted families at sites of earthquakes, floods, fires and aircraft disasters. He represents the Dart Foundation and directs their support of victimization programs around the world.

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  • Use The Counting Method to work with traumatic memory during therapy
  • Use The Color Wheel of Positive Emotion to address anhedonia in victims of trauma
  • Recognize and ameliorate impairment of spiritual sensation due to chronic PTSD

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