Carrie F

"Great presenter. Very good applications with real examples and adequate research components. Unable to hear any audience questions. Presenter often summarized but use or a hand mic would have added to the presenter. I know it is somewhat annoying to have to be the one to shuttle around the mic, it does afford learners the opportunity to truly engage with the content. Very responsive to email. Very enjoyable-easy to listen to! "

Andrea P

"Great seminar!! I loved the application strategies."

Jodi B

"Given the recorded nature of the presentation the focus on all the questions (and honestly, participants discussing more personal experience than allowing Dr. Dawson to share her expertise) was distracting and a bit frustrating to watch at times."

Lucy D

"Great presentation!!"

Nichole P

"The interventions that were discussed align perfectly with my behavior analytic background. I'm so happy to learn that I have many of these tools in my background-- now I can apply!"

Maggie F

"Exceptional & comfortable presenter. Helpful course with realistic examples & strategies. Thanks "