Rebecca R

"Excellent course for parents and educators. A lot of important material was covered in a short time to have a greater understanding of the best methods to use with children with ADHD. I loved the coverage of forgiveness and the necessity of medication for most with ADHD."

Susan K

"Excellent presentation of new material."

Elizabeth S

"Excellent course. Practical and very well organized. I look forward to second part of it tomorrow."

Margaret P

"I have used Russell Barkley's materials since I started as a new School Social Worker out of graduate school in 1996. I continue to use his materials. I use his ideas and materials with parents in my private practice as well. His DVD's, material, books, are extremely useful. I have had parents cry after an education session with them because they finally understood what their child was going through. Thank you Dr. Barkley for dedicating your life to helping these vulnerable children and teens!"

Lori P

"Excellent and useful information"

Jennifer M

"Great seminar!"

Peggy R

"Again what a great class and thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom. Some of the ratings should 6s"

James H

"Dr. Barkley's presentation was really awesome."

Amanda D

"I really enjoyed Russell Barkley's explanations. It's very clear is knows a lot on the topic."

Wilhelmenia H

"Really learned much today. Enjoyed the presentation."