Amy A


Lynne D

"Excellent presentation. Material is dense and interesting. Curious about further study."

David T

"Very much enjoyed the presenters authenticity."

Teresa W

"I really loved this, thank you Frank. Frank is a engaging teacher."

Schatzie T

"I am very grateful to have this knowledge. Very well done and I learned a great deal."

Susan A

"Good course"

Deborah S

"Excellent resource "

Carole B

"Excellent presentation. 2nd video had too much static"

Kathryn N

"Excellent presentation. I appreciate Dr. Anderson's commitment to educating us on IFS. "

Laura L

"Excellent course! Thank you for offering it as an asynchronous online course to fit the chaotic schedules of us working professionals who are also parenting children during K-12 online learning. "