Heather M

"Thank You, this was the best training I have ever taken"

Kimberly A

"Great training! I look forward to continuing to increase my certification level. "

Carren Z

"This was a fantastic training! I learned a lot and appreciate the availability of the training online, as well as the discounted price. Thank you!"

Anne R

"Very beneficial to knowledge bank and to those I will be helping!!"

Vanessa S

"Great topic, great presenters. "

Gina G

"The whole training was great. And both presenters are very good, knowledgeable. I would update this to include mass shootings, I am in Pittsburgh. And the added section was not as good as the live training. "

Nekia W

"Great training"

Merla H

"Excellent material and knowledge. Great presentation."

Crystal H

"Program was presented well"

Mel A

"Gentry was a great facilitator, engaging and dynamic"