Nevada W

"I got some training on the DSM-5 in my MSW program, and I have desired more extensive training in the DSM-5 diagnostic system. This was very relevant to my needs. I will explore the recommended resources. Thank you, Peggy, immensely for sharing your experience, accumulated knowledge, and wisdom!"

Sandra W

"This was excellent! Excited to use what I have learned"


"The presenter was amazing. She was clear, concise, and knowledgeable! I was very pleased and would take her seminar again. "

Sandra A

"excellent professor lecturer "

Colleen B

"Dr Bloom was absolutely fantastic! I loved listening to her;)!"

Joan B

"Margaret Bloom is a very gifted presenter. She is organized, open to questions, and very knowledgeable."

Shirley M

"Margaret Bloom was knowledgable as well as entertaining."

Veronica H

"Found to be very beneficial."

Chris C

"I learned a lot from the seminar. Thanks!"

Lynda B

"This was an excellent seminar! Learned a lot!!"