Tiffany A

"Excellent training!"

Jean P

"This absolutely will transform the work I do with teens, children and families. There are wonderful applications for clinical work with post adoption population. thank you!"

Stephanie S

"Wonderful training with many useful tools to take to my clients. I have a new found confidence working with clients with trauma and over activated SNS. Thank you!"

Al C

"This course exceeded my expectations. "

Mel A

"I was able to use the skills immediately and see results in clients during the first day's session and I loved that about this training, as it is rare we learn the skills to use."

Mollie B

"Found this course to exceed all expectations. The exercises presented were easy to implement and also fun. I work with combat-Veterans in residential programming and had great results with all self-regulation exercises. thank you!!"

Rolanda C

"This was good information that i will be able to use"

Gnanendra S


Austin H

"Material was informative and engaging. Immediately useful and relevant in my practice."

Andrina J

"This was a great presentation and I learned a lot! Thank you"