Kate L

"fantastic course and content"

Gary I

"Great training, the instructors are very knowledgeable and excellent in teaching their material!"

Stuart M

"Superb and pragmatic"

Johanna H

"This was a great course that has contributed to my excitement about approaching trauma tx in a different way. Viewing trauma in the manner presented is a paradigm shift for me. Thank you!"

Sophilia L

"Happy with the overall course. "

Anne A

"Thank you!! i look forward to using your approach with clients. And myself."

James H

"Wonderful and information course. Very practical!"

Peggy B

"This course has been very enlightening to me and validated my 20 years doing trauma work. I will be recommending it to my colleagues."

April P

"Learned some excellent new techniques I am eager to put into practice. "

Jennifer H

"Thank you! Very informative course. I look forward to implementing what I have learned into my practice."