Kelley W

"Excellent training. I appreciate the the presenters mentioning additional source for further learning about area of special interest."

Jess T

"Best training I've ever had!! So thankful!! Thank you!"

Adrian C

"I greatly enjoyed this presentation! I felt included even though I was not physically present for the actual training. "

Connie V

"I will watch the presentation over and over again. I am excited to keep developing my skills in this area. Thank you"

Carol L

"This is a wonderful, practical course that has stimulated my thinking and produced small and great changes in the way I will work and am working with my trauma and anxious clients."

Paige M

"I will recommend the training to others!"

Colleen P

"Great Course. All makes sense!!"

Jennifer S

"I think this seminar would have been best experienced in person"


"great course!!"

Sarah P

"excellent training"