Amber W

"This was a very powerful training and I LOVED IT! I wish I'd had this training 3 years earlier!!! I can't wait to watch the next workshop on the step-by-step application of this model."

Erica C

"I will re-watch this program as there is SO MUCH valuable information. Dr. Anderson is a brilliant presenter. Thank you!!"

Laura C

"Great addition to my knowledge and use the treatment regularly and find it quite effective "

Kathryn J

"Great course. "

Ashley B

"Excellent training! I will look to take more of his classes."

Kelli W

"Great presentation - wanted to learn more."

Bradley A

"This was a great introduction into IFS from an overview perspective and the underpinnings of the validity of the model."

Rosann G

"Great class. I have found IFS to be useful in my practice. "

Bernadette H

"Great workshop!"

Estela R

"excellent training"