Claire C

"Highly recommend this course"

Caroline P

"This information is SO valuable. "

Shelygan K

"Both presenters were phenomenal and I have learned so much with them during these first three modules. Looking forward to learning more in the next five. Thank you."

Jacqui S

"There was such richness to the content that I paused the video frequently to reflect on my own clinical experience of what I was learning. I happily took much longer than 12 hours (more like 20) to complete this training."

Candace S

"Very excited to start applying what I learned with my clients immediately!"

Tracyavon F

"Learned a lot "

Brandy T

"This was a great training!"

Robert P

"Excellent presentation. "

Danielle H

"I enjoyed this seminar very much and learned a lot that will be useful to me professionally and personally. "

Luis B

"Very dynamic both of the presenters"