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Do you feel paralyzed when it comes to counselling clients from other ethnicities or backgrounds for fear you’ll say the wrong thing?

If so, it’s understandable. The subjects of race, sexual orientation, religion, and social justice are fraught with anxiety, tension, and silence.

But glossing over these differences or pretending they don’t play a role in clients’ lives does a lot more harm than good.

When you ignore crucial aspects of a client’s life, you’re not seeing them in their full humanity.

And when clients don’t feel seen or heard, they either search out a therapist who does see and hear them... Or they get discouraged and leave therapy altogether.

This is tough stuff, looking inward to discover unconscious biases and doing the work of transforming them. That’s why diversity-in-therapy expert Lambers Fisher, MS, LMFT, MDIV, created this engaging multicultural awareness training.

Register today and take the first step toward multicultural awareness and competency so you can build rapport with clients from different backgrounds and help them make meaningful change in their lives.


Multicultural Awareness

Individualized Strategies to Build Rapport & Cultural Competency

£194.98 Standard
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Your colleagues are raving about this excellent training!

"I took this course a few days after George Floyd's murder, while there was protest regarding his murder and police brutality towards some protesters. The information given in this course was priceless. I am asking my therapists to take this course because I am highly recommending it." — Debra Mayo, Director of The Meadows Outpatient Center in Scottsdale, Arizona

"Best multicultural educational experience in my 30+ year career!" — Jody G., Psychologist

"This presentation was very good in several ways. Held my attention with dramatic role playing and personable reflection. Presentation "walked the talk" of respect for all people by and demonstrating active learning (as a crucial tool for effectiveness)." — Ned R., Social Worker

"This was an EXCELLENT presentation that exceeded my expectations. Thank you." — Laurie R., Psychologist

"Mr. Fisher is perhaps the best presenter I have encountered in a CPD class. He was engaging and highly knowledgeable, and frequently discussed the complexities and nuances of this material. I don't often say this, but I would be very much look forward to taking future presentations from this superb professional." — Mac B., Psychologist

"Lambers was AMAZING! Every clinician should take this course." — Amanda V., Social Worker

"I am a Military Family Life Counsellor. I must say that this was very informative for me personally due to so many changes that are occurring in the military culture and subcultures. Good seminar. The presenter was informative and held my attention. " — Jacquelyn P-S., Counsellor

"I greatly appreciated Lambers' enthusiasm and passion for this topic. I found his delivery very inviting and engaging. I appreciated a balance of personal and relatable examples combined with traditional content. Thank you Lambers for your masterful delivery of this very relevant topic, I will certainly use your lessons in my practice!" — Rachel P., Psychologist

"Wow! I loved this training. Thank you, Mr. Fisher! My parents were educators, so I know a good educator when I see one. Loved it! Highly recommend this course." — Wendi Lou R., Marriage & Family Therapist

"Lambers Fisher is a great presenter! The content was rich and challenging and covered the range of theory, skills and application that I need. He has a great sense of humor! Great energy! Thank you!" — Nancy R., Social Worker

"The course allowed me to reflect on my practice and learn strategies to build a better rapport with clients. " — Karen V., School Counsellor

"It was a great course to be involved in for the advancing of my multicultural competence both a practice as a counsellor as well as in supervising and teaching others. Thank you for allowing the content to be available. " — Annmarie K., Counsellor

"A great presenter. Made potentially challenging material very accessible." — Michael S., Psychologist

"This is the most outstanding and timely PESI course in PRACTICAL content. Lambers was able to "call out" issues and give great analogies that help understanding the issues. His ideas fit well with "White Fragility" and many discussions going on currently. THANK YOU!!" — Mary Ann B., Psychologist

"This is a very timely and relevant training--it is highly applicable at this current/present time with very relevant examples." — Garnett D., Counselor

"Terrific multicultural diversity presentation by Lambers Fisher who--as an upbeat, attention-holding presenter--established and exemplified virtual rapport from start to finish with memorable, energetic therapeutic effect." — Rachel S-S., Addictions Counsellor

"Wonderful presenter, very engaging. Wonderful use of analogies and visuals to help with understanding. " — Heather S., Counsellor

Discover how to build a better professional future...

Featuring renowned diversity in therapy expert Lambers Fisher, MS, LMFT, MDIV, this highly engaging and encouraging online course will help you understand how culture factors into a client’s sense of value and personal safety and discover therapeutic strategies that can help you become a more culturally competent therapist.

You'll end this course knowing how you can...

  1. Improve rapport and engagement with clients by learning how to recognize biases

  2. Enhance empathy by developing a deep understanding of the impact of cultural group experiences

  3. Increase treatment effectiveness by addressing unintentional cultural offences

  4. Improve session outcomes by overcoming cultural barriers such as language, religion and different belief systems

  5. Help clients of any cultural background make meaningful change in their lives

  6. ...And so much more!

Multicultural Awareness

Individualized Strategies to Build Rapport & Cultural Competency

£194.98 Standard
Today Just £149.99 (VAT Inclusive) — Stunning Savings!
You'll also earn 6.5 CPD Hours included with your course tuition.
Course Outline
Cultural Competencies in Mental Health
  • Client-centered approach to cultural competence
  • Trends in cultural identity development
  • Acknowledge cultural differences: terms of reference, racism and stereotypes
  • Improve client rapport
    • Make cultural connections
    • Acquire knowledge & skills
    • View behaviour within a cultural context
  • Exercise: Cultural Self-Assessment
Ethics & the DSM-5®: Guidelines for the Integration of Cultural Competencies
  • Cross-cultural variations in presentations
  • Cultural genograms
  • Assessments and diagnostic protocols
  • DSM-5® Cultural Formulation
  • Ethical standards for culturally competent practice
    • Cultural perspectives on therapeutic authority
    • Referring without abandoning
    • Effective self-disclosure
    • Advocacy and social justice
  • Exercise: Cultural Formulation Interview
Overcome Dilemmas in Practice
  • Working with limited English proficiency and bi/multilingual clients
  • When to use an interpreter
  • Strategies for working with cultural transference and countertransference
  • Avoiding and addressing unintentional cultural offences toward clients
  • Empathizing with victims as well as accused perpetrators of social injustice
Interventions & Strategies for Specific Populations
  • Understand client experiences of sexual identity and gender fluidity
  • Strategies for supporting clients when therapist’s and client’s religious beliefs conflict
  • Methods for building rapport with clients with various disabilities
  • Adapting therapeutic style to clients' cultural presentation
  • Case Examples: Cultural experiences therapists often misunderstand
Overcome Limitations of the Research & Potential Risks
  • Limited empirical models
  • Lack of professional awareness & confidence
  • Changing cultural values, needs & expressions
  • Incomplete scope: clients, counsellors, supervisors, colleagues & community


Register today and get this FREE bonus — a £23.39 value!
Multicultural Counseling Workbook:
Exercises, Worksheets & Games to Build Rapport with Diverse Clients
By: Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC

Interactive, engaging and fun -- this workbook is filled with valuable exercises, worksheets, games and clinical strategies to help you become more culturally competent.

Use this powerful tool to explore cultural communities, religion, spirituality, gender, sexuality and disability. You'll find unique activities to help you reflect on your own attitudes, prejudices, and develop new skills for working with and building rapport with diverse clients.

  • Group Discussion Questions
  • Client Worksheets
  • Multimedia Resources
  • Strategies for Client Engagement
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Activities
  • Therapist Worksheets, Exercises and Case Vignettes
Multicultural Counseling Workbook


Multicultural Awareness
Individualized Strategies to Build Rapport & Cultural Competency

£194.98 Standard
Today Just £149.99 (VAT Inclusive) — Staggering Savings!
You'll also earn 6.5 CPD Hours included with your course tuition.
Meet Your Expert
Lambers Fisher, MS, LMFT, MDIV

Lambers Fisher, MS, LMFT, MDIV, is a marriage and family therapist who has counselled individuals, couples, and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds, in private practice and non-profit organizations, as well as ministry environments. He has earned hundreds of rave reviews for his engaging, passionate and thought-provoking presentation style.

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Multicultural Awareness
Individualized Strategies to Build Rapport & Cultural Competency

£194.98 Value
Today Just £149.99 (VAT Inclusive) — Amazing Savings!
You'll also earn 6.5 CPD Hours included with your course tuition.

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