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Christina Buxton

Christina is a chartered academic psychologist and psychotherapist specialising in psychological trauma. She is programme lead for the MSc in Psychological Trauma at Chester University.  Christina is a chair elect of the British Psychological Society (BPS) Crisis Disaster and Trauma section and a registered psychological tester with the (BPS) Psychological Testing Centre (PTC) where she also serves on the Committee in Testing Standards. Christina work is in teaching, research and consultancy in PTSD and psychological trauma, psychological assessment,  and in individuals working with psychological trauma. Christina  works clinically with young people and adults who suffer from PTSD.

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2018 Trauma Summit

Bessel van der Kolk |  Christina Buxton |  Ciaran Mulholland |  Deborah Simkin |  Diana Fosha |  Elspeth Messenger |  Gabor Maté |  Gordon Turnbull |  ....
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27 Jun, 2018
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