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Mary Lou Schack, Ph.D.

Mary Lou is a clinical psychologist, working with individuals and couples and supervising therapists in her Bala Cynwyd, PA, practice. She received her PhD in Psychology from Temple University and has been training therapists in experiential methods for more than 30 years. She herself trained in Gestalt Therapy with James Simkin, Isadore From, Laura Perls, and Erving and Miriam Polster. She is, with the late Joyce Lewis, one of the founders of GTIP. Mary Lou's current areas of theoretical interest include mutuality and connection in relationships, the experience of time, scapegoating phenomena, body/mind functioning, forgiveness, and the healing of early psychological wounds.

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Attachment in Adults: How Infant Attachment Security Affects Adult Relationships

Diane Poole Heller |  Gabor Maté |  Lance Dodes |  Linda Curran |  Lisa Ferentz |  Louis Cozolino |  Mary Lou Schack |  Onno van der Hart |  ....
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17 Jan, 2018
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