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Mary Welford


Dr Mary Welford is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist working in the South West of England and Chair of the Compassionate Mind Foundation. Mary is particularly interested in the application of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) across the spectrum of human experiences, from anxiety and depression to psychosis and personality difficulties. In addition to her private practice work, Mary has developed a Compassion in Schools program and trains a range of individuals in Compassion Focused Therapy both in the UK and overseas. Mary is the author of “The Compassionate Mind Approach to Building Your Self Confidence” and "Compassion Focused Therapy for Dummies".

Developing Minds: Mental Health, Children & Young People featuring Dan Siegel

Dan Siegel |  Mary Welford |  Tamsin Ford |  Geoff Thompson MBE
Audio and Video
Feb 08, 2019
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Digital Recordings
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