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Morris Nitsun

Dr Morris Nitsun is consultant psychologist in Camden and Islington NHS Trust, psychotherapist at the Fitzrovia Group Analytic Practice, Training Analyst at the Institute of Group Analysis, and Convenor, Diploma in Innovative Group Interventions, Anna Freud Clinic. His books The Anti-group: Destructive Forces in the Group and their Creative Potential (Routledge1996, classic edition 2015) and The Group as an Object of Desire (Routledge, 2006) have been described as 'classics in the field'. He has lectured and run workshops in countries across the world. He is also a practising artist who exhibits regularly in London.

Confluence and Collaboration: Group Analysis in the 21st Century

Morris Nitsun |  Gwen Adshead |  Rex Haigh |  Earl Hopper |  Sue Einhorn |  Farhad Dalal |  Marina Mojovic
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Mar 01, 2016
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