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Chris Aiken, M.D.

Chris Aiken, MD, is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist whose work focuses on natural and lifestyle approaches to mood disorders. He is the director of the Mood Treatment Center, Editor-in-Chief of The Carlat Psychiatry Report, the bipolar Section Editor for Psychiatric Times, and an instructor at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He hosts the weekly Carlat Psychiatry Podcast with Kellie Newsome, PMH-NP.

Dr. Aiken’s interest in mood disorders came from experience with close friends who suffered from depression. He began his career as a research assistant at the National Institute of Mental Health and went on to complete medical school at Yale and residency at Cornell and Duke Medical Centers. He remains active in research, and his work has appeared in peer-reviewed journals and books. He lives in North Carolina with his wife Lisa and twin children, David and Eleanor.


Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Chris Aiken is director and founder of Mood Treatment Center. He receives royalties as an author for WW Norton; and PESI Publishing & Media. Dr. Aiken receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Nonfinancial: Chris Aiken is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He is a member of the North Carolina Psychiatric Association; Forsyth County Psychiatric Association; and the International Society for Bipolar Disorders.

Complex Mood Disorders: Practical Strategies and Tools for Bipolar, Depression and Insomnia

Chris Aiken, M.D.
Audio and Video
May 18, 2017
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Digital Recordings

The Depression and Bipolar Workbook

30 Ways to Lift Your Mood & Strengthen the Brain

Chris Aiken, M.D.
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Jan 28, 2020
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